KWHCoin, the blockchain-based cryptocurrency that rewards renewable energy users with tokens tied to kilowatt hours, today announced it will invest $75,000 worth of solar-powered SolarPuff lights as part of a humanitarian mission from March 3-6 to Loíza, Puerto Rico. Led by Third Wave Volunteers, an NGO founded by Dr. Alison Thompson which works in major natural disasters around the world, KWHCoin will also join humanitarian and celebrity stylist Sandra Madjdi on the ground to help distribute food and water in the town for which she is an ambassador.

“This partnership directly correlates with our innovative social impact model which is to bring value to our token by having a global footprint of renewable energy generation sources that both include those without energy access and commensurately creates value for our network,” said Girard Newkirk, CEO of KWHCoin. “This is key as we try to put all distributed energy resources on our Blockchain to provide the infrastructure necessary to execute this “virtual power plant” for open renewable energy access.”

The new donation adds to KWHCoin’s previous donations of USD 75,000 and 500,000 of its KWH coins to Puerto Rico to aid reconstruction efforts.

“KWHCoin is very excited to be in Puerto Rico with Third Wave Volunteers and to be able to contribute to the reconstruction effort in Loiza. The mission embodies perfectly our social impact focus and illustrates how we are working on improving the energy access of 1.2 billion people one community at the time.” Tony Tiyou, Renewable Energy Expert and KWHCoin Advisor.

With nearly 33% of the island still without power, the goal of this mission is to foster the development of microgrids in the town through SolarPuff lights, an affordable, durable, first of its kind, foldable, pop-open, solar-powered light, engineered for extreme weather. KWHCoin hopes that this initiative will continue the company’s broader goal of providing renewable energy to 1.2 billion across the world. Because so many people are connected to unreliable grids, or not at all, the creation of microgrids is paramount to getting people their energy.

KWHCoin recently raised USD 1.1 million in its presale and is currently in the middle of its token sale, which opened on February 8th and will close on March 8th. For more information, go to

About KWHCoin

KWHCoin is a digital currency that converts renewable distributed energy resources to digital tokens on a unique blockchain. The energy generation used to back KWH tokens are generated from numerous renewable energy sources including solar power generators, solar communities, microgrids, electric vehicles, energy storages, wind energy, and hydroelectric power generators. All energy that is converted to KWH tokens is generated through 100% clean renewable energy. Our mission is to lead the change in supplying humanity with clean energy. With support from clean energy advocates, nations, companies and charitable organizations we plan to provide a viable solution for the 1.2 billion people who currently lack access to energy. The Grid will provide 100% clean, renewable energy, direct from solar and distributed energy resources, that access all renewable elements.

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