John McAfee needs no introduction. He was an early advocate not only for cryptocurrency, but for KWHCoin as well. As a KWHCoin Advisor, John recently sat down to answer some questions about why he supports the company in its mission to bring reliable energy access to the 1.2 billion people around the globe without electricity.

  • The KWHCoin team has lofty goals that include bringing green energy access to the edges of the grid. Do you think KWHCoin is well-positioned to deliver on its promises and why?

    Absolutely. All the pieces are here… it’s the coming together of these resources that hasn’t been possible in the past. The Internet provides a new level of connectivity, monetized via the blockchain, and distributed via KWH tokens. KWHCoin has the ability to grow community, and that’s what is essential now.

  • What is the “Internet of Energy” and how does KWHCoin play a role?

    IoE is a new frontier in the development of the IoT. Implementing IoE technology will yield opportunities and efficiencies in our grid and electrical power systems that weren’t possible before by optimizing the performance of the generation, transmission and utilization of electricity through IoT technology.But KWHCoin goes beyond existing energy infrastructure to the outer edges of the grid, to energy CONSUMERS, by creating an ecosystem that combines the blockchain, a microgrid, intelligent energy storage, renewable energy generation, and smart devices.

  • Is there a use-case for KWHCoin’s “energy rail” beyond achieving energy equality? Will the developing nations benefitting from KWHCoin’s “energy rail” find other uses for this infrastructure?We believe that the KWHCoin token will also bring financial independence to emerging markets by attaching a real value to a real asset in way unavailable before blockchain technology. KWHCoin’s energy rail will create a new class of person in the poorest parts of the planet, the energy fulfilled and financially secure.

  •  Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions about KWHCoin, John!

    It’s my pleasure.


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