The KWHCoin Renewable Energy Network is excited to announce its official listing on Bitfex. Bitfex is a platform for trading cryptocurrencies, based in Taiwan.

This is the first cryptocurrency exchange to list the KWHCoin token. The team and community are thrilled about the opportunity to add value to token holders. This access to more liquidity enables the company’s mission to empower the edges of the grid with the deployment of the internet of energy.

“This is a great moment in the growth of KWHCoin from a noble idea to a viable and dynamic token that has multiple components to provide value. We’re excited to be listed on the Bitfex exchange and our model of empowerment and inclusion of the edges of the grid we feel will generate tremendous value for token holders. The innovation is on the edges and with the deployment of the distributed energy resources and KWHCoin is fully engaged in building the ecosystem to foster this innovation and the value that it will generate” states KWHCoin CEO, Girard Newkirk.

KWHCoin has also applied and been accepted to the following exchanges:

Cryptopia discussing formal listing date with executive team this week

Yobit waiting for confirmation of listing date from the executive team

“Our project deployment and development will begin in Puerto Rico over the next 4–6 weeks so our team is busy with the operational load of deployment so the news of all the exchange listing is very exciting to us as we begin to develop the scope for our mission in Orocovis and other locations in Puerto Rico” says CEO Newkirk.

Here is the link to Bitfex

The KWHCoin team and community are excited to share the achievement of this incredible milestone as we advance our mission with these objectives.

Empower the edges of the grid: enable the smaller distributed energy resources ex. solar panels, electric vehicles, wind farms, demand response networks etc to utilize energy usage data to enable value generation and peer to peer exchange.

Build the ecosystem to deploy the internet of energy: from smart metering, sensors, hardware, multiple technologies an exciting and new renewable energy economy is developing on the internet and it will take an ecosystem and network of partners to deliver full value and KWHCoin is building this ecosystem.

Connect the 1.2 billion globally without electricity: to a network of nodes based on physical and virtual renewable energy assets that through our social impact investment will light billions globally.

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