KWHCoin aims to deploy the largest renewable energy blockchain project on the island helping generate and deploy renewable energy assets to Puerto Rico.

KWHCoin the blockchain based renewable energy company is heading to Puerto Rico to launch its genesis renewable energy project on the island. The project intends to use cryptocurrency as a liberation technology and is applying its unique token model in Puerto Rico. The KWHCoin team is scheduled to conduct formal house selection and connection analysis while developing the scope of the project locations in Puerto Rico. The team has assigned 10 homes for immediate deployment to test reliability, assess site recommendations and to determine scalability. The team will be on the island May 20–24 to meet with local officials and begin first stages of operational deployment of the genesis energy project.

Orocovis is the site for the genesis development project in Puerto Rico and will serve as the model for the technical and development resources needed for KWHCoin to provide energy services to remote locations globally. Orocovis is located in the Central Mountain Range, north of Villalba and Coamo; south of Morovis and Corozal; southeast of Ciales; east of Jayuya; and west of Barranquitas. Orocovis and its remote population of over 300 homes present a unique challenge for traditional energy service platforms but is a perfect fit for the KWHCoin model which focuses on empowering the edges of the grid.

KWHCoin CEO Girard Newkirk and Renewables In Africa CEO and KWHCoin Managing Director Tony Tiyou doing initial site selection for energy infrastructure in Orocovis back in March 2018.

Puerto Rico has been in the news recently as once again power outages and unreliable grid services left the island powerless and in the dark for days.

Renewables in Africa CEO and KWHCoin Managing Director Tony Tiyou states, “The two major power outages in a week shows why the current centralized system in Puerto Rico is not good anymore. Decentralised clean networks using clean energy and blockchain technology is the way forward. KWHCoin is working with local communities to deliver just that a reliable and green alternative”.

Orocovis with its central location in the island and rugged terrain presents unique grid challenges but KWHCoin is deploying its team to work out the logistics and coordinate project details with local officials. KWHCoin made agreements with local officials in Orocovis for blockchain exploration back in March and are now actively deploying the technical and operational resources to launch immediate energy access for residents in the area.

Tony Tiyou and Third Wave Member Gabriel Rosario doing collaborative talks in Puerto Rico with local officials to develop energy solutions.

“Puerto Rico and the development of reliable renewable energy sources on the island is the number one priority for KWHCoin related to our operational projects, says KWHCoin CEO Girard Newkirk. “We are deploying our genesis energy project in Orocovis in a few weeks and our solution for the edges of the grid and the world’s remote locations will have a clear platform to expand our knowledge framework on developing the appropriate solution to power the island”.

Orocovis in the center of the island of Puerto Rico. Its lush and beautiful topography provide grid challenges but KWHCoin aims to deploy its solution in May.

KWHCoin partnered with Dr. Alison Thompson and Third Wave Volunteers for a Solar Puff light mission on the island back in March. KWHCoin and Third Wave Volunteers provided solar puff lights in Rio Grande Puerto Rico lighting thousands of homes on the mountainside. During this mission the solution for the islands most remote areas became clear to the KWHCoin team and collaboration of resources and partnering local officials became the priority.

“Our focus is the grids edges (smaller distributed energy resources, like solar panels) and the billions of people globally that lack access to reliable energy sources. Our token model uses cryptocurrency as a liberation technology and we want to show to the world that blockchain technology has immediate utility in the domain of energy and social impact. Orocovis is our genesis project and we look to scale this as we integrate to a fully deployable global energy services model with blockchain systems securing and connecting our renewable energy network,” stated CEO Girard Newkirk.

KWHCoin with Dr. Alison Thompson and Third Wave Volunteers in recent Solar Puff Light mission in Rio Grande lighting thousands of homes on the moutainside.

KWHCoin was recently listed on Bitfex its first digital currency exchange listing and the team can’t be more thrilled with the timing of the project.

CEO Girard Newkirk believes KWHCoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency for social impact and for environmentally responsive investing and when asked why he explained:

“The KWHCoin token is backed by tangible renewable energy generation that is occurring through our nodes on our blockchain that reaches all continents and were now developing a tremendous asset profile in Puerto Rico that will serve as our genesis project for our token model to provide access to renewable energy services. Most blockchain projects are extrapolations and based on tertiary projection models. With KWHCoin our token holders can be proud that they are helping light the world and impact investing in an environmentally responsible project that is also delivering the value of global renewable energy services and is laying the infrastructure for the internet of energy projected to be a $150 billion industry by 2020. KWHCoin is on the edge of developing this platform and our token is a direct investment in this transformational value in the energy sector.”

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