TOPBTC is the #21 ranked cryptocurrency exchange according to and only list special coins.

“This is a tremendous milestone for the KWHCoin community and team with our listing on TOPBTC. We are so proud to share this with our supporters and we believe the unique value proposition of KWHCoin makes it one of the most dynamic projects in cryptocurrency and blockchain,” said CEO Girard Newkirk.

Unlike many cryptocurrency projects that are finding challenges with token adoptability and ecosystem development, KWHCoin continues to expand its renewable energy network globally and now has built a platform for the utility and enterprise use of the coin.

“With our projects in Sierra Leone, Kenya and Puerto Rico the KWHCoin is the method of payment for renewable energy and can also be paired with local currencies (in the case of Nurses in Hand project in Kenya). The KWHCoin will have an adoption and user platform that will exceed 100,000 by the fall. Our application development is on schedule and in the case of Sierra Leone the KWHCoin will become a payment solution potentially by end of summer. Our token has a real renewable energy ecosystem with active participants and our company mission to connect the billions globally without access to electricity will give us the largest active user cryptocurrency in the world,” says CEO Girard Newkirk.

KWHCoin team for site inspection in Puerto Rico for development of its genesis renewable energy project on the island.

KWHCoin will head to Puerto Rico next week to begin development of its genesis renewable energy project on the island.

“KWHCoin is using cryptocurrency as a liberation technology to provide affordable energy services globally to gridless and remote areas. With our token model we can deliver renewable energy services by the kilowatt hour which makes it affordable and accessible for all and our ecosystem helps assist incumbent utilities and operators access customers there existing cost models could not accommodate,” said Newkirk.

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