From “ Crypto Winter” to the “Bear Market of 2018” cryptocurrency is said to currently be (or have been) in a bear market. Bitcoin has declined nearly 70% from its December 17, 2017 peak taking with it the majority of the market and most altcoins bearing a strong correlation to Bitcoin asset price fluctuations. Many cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects are struggling to find credible explanations to justify the value of their tokens (projects, ecosystem, product development) adding more downward pressure on cryptocurrency valuations and price.

KWHCoin has positioned itself in the renewable energy domain of cryptocurrency as a major value leader. Although the smallest in market capitalization and with less notoriety than We Power and Power Ledger, KWHCoin appears to have a distinct and more readily identifiable business model when compared.

KWHCoin has developed applicable token and revenue models that benefit both its social mission to electrify the world and increase value for KWHCoin holders and the ecosystem.


Here are 10 Reasons Why KWHCoin Should Be in Your Digital Wallet:

1.The Internet of Energy. The internet of energy is expected to have an estimated value of $22.34 billion by 2020 KWHCoin is using cryptocurrency to unlock this value by connecting distributed energy resources and people around the world without access to energy generation and solutions. We are developing the energy data footprint that will allow energy providers, telecommunications and digital companies, and other entrepreneurs the tools to provide services for this new market.

KWHCoin partnering with Third Wave Volunteers and local municipalities in Puerto Rico to deliver Solar Puff Lights and immediate relief in March 2018.


2. Social Impact Solution. The mission of KWHCoin is to connect the 1.2 billion people around the world without access to electricity to a reliable source. Also providing energy solutions for people without centralized services and developing sustainable local economies. “Our first customer is the oligation to work towards our mission of social impact which lends our platform to having a deeper relationship with the community and the villages, neighborhoods and municipalities we impact.Our token model will enable millions an affordable and reliable energy solutions platform that is designed for social impact,” states KWHCoin CEO Girard Newkirk.

3. Ecosystem Development KWHCoin has renewable energy nodes (distributed energy resources with energy data usage on the KWHCoin blockchain) on all 6 continents and over 40 countries. KWHCoin now has an energy data footprint that has access points across the globe. There are over 9,000 KWH of energy data integrated into the blockchain and KWHCoin has an energy data footprint that expands across its primary target areas on the continent of Africa, the Caribbean and South America. KWHCoin has a virtual asset portfolio balance of 60% residential, 35% commercial and 5% industrial renewable energy partners on the blockchain generating energy for the ecosystem.

There are over 9,000 KWH of energy data integrated into the blockchain and KWHCoin has an energy data footprint that expands across its primary target areas on the continent of Africa, the Caribbean and South America.

4. Know Thy Customer. The KWHCoin team knows and understands its customer very well and this translates into innovative solutions developed from experience directly gathered from experience on the ground interacting with customer. “Our focus is on the edges of the grid- the customer that doesn’t have access to reliable grid services or energy solutions that cater to the specific environment. Typically access to energy generation sources is limited so KWHCoin can unlock the friction points that have been bogging down the process. Our customer is the 1.2 billion people without energy access and the almost 2 billion more without reliable service or that have “dirty” expensive fossil fuel energy sources as the only alternative,” says Newkirk.

5. Digital Products and Partnerships. KWHCoin and its partners have completed digital products and structure points for formal distribution of solar and renewable energy products. “Our distribution network and global partnerships have given us in a very short time a unique advantage. We understand our customers needs at a deeper level due to the extensive experience of our partners with decades of experience in energy manufacturing and distribution as well as being pioneers in the Pay as You Go industry,” says KWHCoin CEO Girard Newkirk. Kenyan startup Nurses in Hand has partnered KWHCoin for an IOT collaboration to develop a totally green emergency response system for the Kenyan Roadway Network and this revolutionary app is complete. KWHCoin will develop and manage the energy generation and distribution for this project and the KWHCoin will be paired in the app as form of payment for services of the emergency response system.


Nurse In Hand Emergency Response web and mobile solution has real time traffic and accident data points for the Kenyan Roadway Network System. Drivers via text alert and USSD code connect with devices for crash alert and post crash response.


6. Clear Revenue Models for Blockchain Solution Applications. KWHCoin has developed clear and tangible revenue models that directly coincide with the implementation of its blockchain. For example, with the Teleficient partnership in Sierra Leone the KWHCoin app will serve as mobile utility for the rural and isolated populations. KWHCoin network members can get energy services and pay for service through the app with KWHCoin reducing friction points for collection (limited transporation access and sparse payment facilities) and generating low, but profitable transaction fees for the KWHCoin platform and developing energy solutions business.

KWHCoin continues to develop sustainable revenue models as the Blockchain startup transitions to and end to end energy solutions provider for the underserved globally.

7. Pioneering Green Energy Microfinance. KWHCoin is exploring opportunities with manufacturing and distribution partners to revolutionize renewable energy microfinance. Merging the principles of Pay as You Go with cryptocurrency provide the bones and structure for a dynamic new green economy and KWHCoin is a “thought leader” and on the forefront of developing token based models with industry leaders.

8. Underlying Token Value. The KWHCoin advantage lies in the underlying value of the network being attached to the generation of a deliverable kwh of energy to the platform through its network of distributed energy resources. No elaborate and complex game theory mechanics that obscure the value of the ecosystem. KWHCoins are only generated commensurate with the renewable energy generation of the the platform and renewable energy nodes making it backed exclusively and fundamentally by tangible and actualized generation of “renewable energy”.

9. Community Focus. KWHCoin aims to localize energy generation and distribution using the internet as a rail and develop its ecosystem to keep that value in local communities. “Wealth extraction is the experience of the world’s most remote communities as it relates to existing energy services models. Unfortunately centralized grid services were not designed to accomodate our customers. Once we localize energy generation and empower families and communities to develop renewable local energy sources then Watch Out. The internet of energy will bring new and before unaccessible value. At KWHCoin along with our ecosystem of partners we are developing that green digital economy and building inclusive token models to promote circular economic principles,” says CEO Girard Newkirk.

10. Grossly Undervalued. Relative to other cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects in the space KWHCoin is mounds ahead of the competition in terms of project deployment and application of viable business and revenue models. KWHCoin is developing branded solar panels, energy products, and software integration services for Pay As You Go giving it a distinct comparative advantage. “We know were “the David” in the renewable energy sector in cryptocurrency and were actually excited. We know that much larger and more investor savvy pools of liquidity are coming into cryptocurrency and our fundamentals are undeniable to those who understand the value of our multiple revenue and enterprise models for our ecosystem,” states CEO Girard Newkirk.

KWHCoin is currently being traded on TOPBTC, Coinexmarket and
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