KWHCoin and Teleficient announce distribution partnership for branded solar panels and affordable solar home systems.

KWHCoin continues to develop its platform as a renewable energy solutions provider for underserved globally without electricity. An estimated 1.1 billion people — 14% of the global population — did not have access to electricity according to Energy Access Outlook 2017.

KWHCoin is pleased to announce an official partnership with Teleficient for distribution of KWHCoin-Teleficient branded solar panels and pay as you go solar home systems. This partnership entails the distribution of over 50,000 solar home systems in Sierra Leone extending energy service to remote village areas that had been inaccessible. This expands the KWHCoin energy blockchain to West Africa and increases the network footprint with its genesis project on the continent.

Teleficient Communication, LLC is a Voxox For Operators TM partner that operates a next generation telecommunications network and offers the Voxox service under the brand name AwiKonekt App (IOS and Android) worldwide. With the latest mobile devices store-front in Sierra Leone (, Teleficient also offers home, business and international VoIP telephony and rich communication services (RCS) to anyone, anywhere in the world.

“Teleficient is providing mobile and communications services in Sierra Leone but our problem is that we have difficulty in some markets selling phones because they had no way to recharge them. So bringing electricity access to the area is critical and when I saw what KWHCoin was doing and its mission to provide energy access with its blockchain solution it seemed like a perfect match,” says Teleficient CEO Al Turay.



“It’s a great achievement for the KWHCoin community to partner with Al and Teleficient to distribute a vast array of solar products and energy solutions in Sierra Leone and the rest of Africa. Our mission is to bring affordable renewable energy access to the areas currently off grid so this represents our first demonstration of that with this partnership. We will impact over 50,000 people here in Sierra Leone and actively in discussions to scale this model across the continent and to all our our network which includes over 38 countries,” states KWHCoin CEO Girard Newkirk.

KWHCoin will apply its blockchain to store, manage, secure, and execute all operational functions of this energy network. The physical and virtual assets from this project will be integrated into the application and will allow customers a simple interface for billing, payment options , energy usage data, energy efficiency tips and product knowledge. The KWHCoin provides access to the network and is native token for the renewable energy platform.

“Our app (The Grid) will allow our customers to access real time energy information data on their systems and it will allow them to take on all administrative tasking(billing, payments, questions) with their phones. Sierra Leone has 80% of its population rural and sparsely settled villages — so the travel to make payments was a built in energy cost and friction point to service. With the KWHCoin blockchain based solution we digitize the process removing these obstacles and open access to a larger consumer market for our solar home systems,” says CEO Newkirk.

The First Beta Version of the KWHCoin app “The Grid” which will provide the renewable energy network a decentralized grid for remote areas to access electricity.


KWHCoin and its community are thrilled to partner with Teleficient and the wonderful people of Sierra Leone to continue on our mission to electrify the world.

KWHCoin is currently being traded on Bitfex and TOPBTC with imminent listing on Coinexmarket.

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