August 24, 2018 It has been a true pleasure for the AGES team to be experiencing this transformational week with the brilliant KWH Coin team! We have seen first-hand the desire, commitment and positive energy of this impassioned group.

We began the week, along with our partners at ADP Holdings, announcing our partnering with the KWH community, as well as joining their Board of Directors. With over 120 revolutionary technologies, AGES and ADP are essentially spearheading efforts to adopt the KWH Coin and Blockchain across our broad spectrum of technologies and projects on a global basis.

“After decades of working in the financial industry, and witnessing first-hand the mechanics of the Great Financial Crises of 2008, members of our team have surmised that perhaps the ultimate currency would one day be one which is energy-based,” says AGES CEO Robert Shambora. “This is exactly what the KWH team has created. We believe in the KWH Coin, not merely as a successful Token, but as a likely contender for a new currency based on distributed energy.”

As the week continued, a Blockbuster Announcement: An agreement reached with plans to assign a $1.3 Billion Hard Energy Asset to KWH Coin and its blockchain — not just the “tracking” of the asset on its blockchain, but OWNERSHIP of the asset by the KWH Coin and its community! This is an unprecedented move in the industry.

“It is a hard thing for some to get their head around, as this has never been done,” says Shambora once again. “At some point soon, it will dawn on the market that KWHCoin’s Token and Blockchain will have a $1.3 Billion asset tied to it, and its value should be commensurate with that as a mere starting point! The monetization of this asset provides the KWH team with the necessary fire-power to reach their aspirations.”

With rapid news of listings on further exchanges, the KWH Coin secures its position as the first Energy-Based Token with a Hard-Asset backing, Utility and Global Adoption! The AGES team is proud to be a part of this new paradigm and making the world a better place with our new friends at KWH Coin!

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