KWHCoin aims to deploy its renewable energy platform to develop an array of generation and distribution solutions for the over 450 million homes globally that classify as off grid and the more than 60 million with unreliable grid services.

Is KWHCoin having sort of the Best Week Ever?

There are many that would agree with that statement considering the explosive announcements and positive momentum of KWHCoin. The company has released a years worth of incredible news and business agreements over the past week so we thought it would be appropriate to have a concise replay of the last 7 days with KWHCoin.

August 20, 2018

KWHCoin joins forces with ADP Holdings and AGES to develop “The Internet of Energy” for the Off Grid Market

KWHCoin announced the largest partnership in the company’s history by combining resources and platforms with two innovative, green technology companies, ADP Holdings and Athena Global Energy Solutions.

AGES brings access to multiple projects in the United States and Sub-Saharan Africa, representing over 70 revolutionary and eco-friendly technologies in the areas of energy, environmental and humanitarian interests.

Athena Global Energy Solutions, Inc. (“AGES”) accelerates access to worldwide markets for multiple best-in -class renewable energy and environmentally sustainable technologies. “KWHCoin is a perfect fit to our many energy-related technologies,” said AGES CEO, Robert Shambora. “Their architecture, technology and mission align seamlessly with our efforts for decentralized energy and resources.”

ADP also brings multiple other funding alternatives, and professional management services that will assist KWHCoin in its operational strategy to connect a decentralized energy grid for off grid populations globally.

ADP Holdings, Ltd. (“ADP”) creates partnerships and new ownership opportunities in the renewable energy industry, with access to a host of professional sustainable development services and over 50 revolutionary technologies in the areas of energy, environmental and humanitarian interests. “Partnering with KWHCoin provides a path to revolutionize energy access to all,” says Dan Heinrich, CEO of ADP. “Their unique ecosystem approach allows for global deployment of a full spectrum of life-changing solutions.”

KWHCoin’s CEO Girard Newkirk states, “What separates KWHCoin from its competitors, who have their eye on developing “decentralized” trading platforms for existing generation, is that KWHCoin goes directly to the heart of the matter by focused on the over 500 million global households that do not have energy access. Our token model is developed to enable millions an affordable and reliable energy solutions platform designed for massive social impact, and our technology partners (ADP Holdings and AGES) will now vastly augment the programs we have already achieved, establishing a deeper relationship with the communities, villages, neighborhoods and municipalities we assist,” he enthuses.

August 23, 2018

Blockbuster Deal!!!! $1.3 Billion Dollar Energy Asset Assigned to KWHCoin

KWHCoin announced an unprecedented development in which a large energy company agreed to assign a $1.3 Billion hard asset to the KWHCoin energy blockchain and decentralized application (The Grid), giving the KWHCoin token a true tangible asset backing for the platform.

“It is a hard thing for some to get their head around, as this has never been done,” says AGES Chairman Robert Shambora. “At some point soon, it will dawn on the market that KWHCoin’s Token and Blockchain will have a $1.3 Billion asset tied to it, and its value should be commensurate with that as a mere starting point! The monetization of this asset provides the KWH team with the necessary fire-power to reach their aspirations.”

“With the assignment of this $1.3 billion asset, KWHCoin and our community , with its new partners ADP Holdings and Athena Global Energy Solutions, bring real value to our blockchain project and ecosystem. The value of our token is clear even before the aspects of adoption and utility are considered. Relative to the other projects in the blockchain space, the KWHCoin token now digitally represents unprecedented value for token holders and our community,” says KWHCoin Chairman and CEO Girard Newkirk.

August 24, 2018

KWHCoin Named Top 50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2018

The KWHCoin is a digital currency backed by a kilowatt hour of electricity that aggregates the energy usage data of distributed energy resources and was named one of the 50 Smartest Companies of the Year for 2018.

KWHCoin is on the edges of the green revolution developing solutions for the underserved and off grid markets globally. The company is focused on developing the internet of energy by delivering renewable energy solutions for the 500 million households globally that lack centralized grid services and has been named one of the 50 Smartest Companies of the Year for 2018.

“Wow! What a week for the KWHCoin community,” states CEO Girard Newkirk. “We are still reeling from our announcement of the ADP Holdings/AGES partnership followed by the blockbuster announcement earlier today of the $1.3 billion dollar asset assignment to the community so this is the icing on the cake. Our incredible team, community and network of energy nodes have so much to be proud of with the latest developments of our ecosystem,”.

KWHCoin separates itself from the market clearly defining its value by the energy data, excess renewable energy generation capacity and ecosystem development that back the KWHCoin. KWHCoin also has the partners and generation capacity to justify and develop its renewable energy economy.

August 24, 2018

KWHCoin added to listing on IDEX, the company’s 4th exchange

With rapid news of listings on more exchanges and global partnerships, KWHCoin is securing its position as the energy blockchain for the off grid market and the internet of energy.

Stay Tuned For another spectacular week of milestones and advancements from the KWHCoin team, partners, community and network of incredible individuals and groups building the advanced green economy of the future.

KWHCoin is currently being traded on TOPBTC, Coinexmarket and and recently added on IDEX and continues to expand into a global renewable energy solutions platform that is servicing the 1.2 billon people globally without energy access along with underserved populations that lack reliable energy service.

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