KWHCoin is developing the internet of energy for local generation and distribution networks for the off-grid household consumer market.

KWHCoin is pleased to release the following technology integration in conjunction with ADP Holdings.

Gold River, CA, September 17, 2018: ADP Holdings, Ltd. (“ADP”) announces its relationship with Virterras Fuels, Inc. (“VF”). VF produces clean biomass fuel for renewable electric generation projects utilizing patented technology (“VF Technology”). VF Technology treats any organic biomass feedstock (waste wood, sugarcane, eucalyptus, etc.) for efficient combustion into electric power generation or conversion into clean biofuels in the $3 billion global biomass market.

EPRI (“Electric Power Research Institute”), the premier R&D arm of the global electric power industry, funded and tested VF Technology and declared it is a “potential game changer” for the industry. VF Technology is a patented chemical process (USA, Canada, Europe, Greece, and PCT nations).

VF Technology-treated biomass enables high-temperature combustion, pyrolysis, and gasification with (i) significantly reduced air emissions, (ii) no damage to boilers due to fouling or toxic ash buildup to substantially reduce operating costs, and (iii) 50% to 100% higher efficiencies for energy output, when compared to untreated biomass, which results in a significant CO₂ reduction. Further, by removing heavy and alkali metals, VF Technology reduces air emissions of dioxins, furans, sulfur, NOx, and it generates clean ash that can be sold.

ADP’s CEO, Dan Heinrich, stated “ADP is excited about VF Technology and its potential to integrate with multiple biomass feedstocks to provide renewable energy solutions, which will be backed by the KWHCoin. In particular, ADP believes the VF technology will be an ideal fit for a client with bioenergy plants that are genetically engineered to phytoremediate soil and water containing hazardous substances, especially heavy metals. Prior to converting these sources of biomass to renewable energy, the hazardous substances contained in the biomass are removed using Virterras Fuels’ (VF) technology, thereby resulting in a safe biomass feedstock supply.”

ADP, Athena Global Energy Solutions (“AGES”), and KWHCoin are pursuing numerous renewable energy projects in South Africa, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, and other geographies. AGES and ADP will provide management expertise to ensure the success of this exciting new technology integration.”

The KWHCoin token model will be used for technology integration, and it is backed by a kilowatt hour of electricity to aggregate energy usage data of distributed energy resources. With this announcement, ADP has brought forward renewable energy technologies including heat exchange, hydropower, biomass pre-treatment, and large-scale biomass conversion capability. In the near term, ADP expects to make new announcements regarding an ever-increasing array of breakthrough renewable energy technologies. ADP, AGES, and KWHCoin are rapidly building a global decentralized energy distribution ecosystem.

KWHCoin’s CEO, Girard Newkirk, stated “Our cryptocurrency token model has developed to provide millions of people with an affordable and reliable energy platform for massive social impact. ADP’s clients and our technology partners will now vastly augment the programs we have already achieved, establishing a deeper relationship with the communities, villages, neighborhoods, and municipalities we serve. KWHCoin focuses on the over 500 million global households that do not have access to energy.”

KWHCoin is currently being traded on TOPBTC, IDEX, Coinexmarket and and is on the edges of the developing the internet of energy for more than 500 million off-grid households globally.

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