KWHCoin is excited to be a part of the Cucalorus Connect Conference at the 24th annual Cucalorus Festival in Wilmington, NC. CEO Girard Newkirk is a speaker on the topic of the Blockchain Revolution.

KWHCoin is excited to announce is participation in the Cucalorus Connect Conference at the 24th annual Cucalorus Festival in Wilmington, North Carolina.

KWHCoin CEO Girard Newkirk, has been invited to speak on a panel that will discuss the Blockchain Revolution. The Cucalorus Connect is an interactive convergence of technology, entrepreneurship and the creative arts. The conference explores how technology improves our lives and expands the highest qualities in humanity.

“We are very excited to participate in the Cucalorus Connect Conference in Wilmington. We want to develop a thriving blockchain ecosystem in North Carolina and these events position us to connect with a much larger audience outside of blockchain and cryptocurrency so we look forward to sharing our incredible platform initiatives and answering all questions related to KWHCoin, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency,” states KWHCoin CEO Girard Newkirk.

Here are the details and logistics for the conference:

Date: Thursday, November 8, 2018 1pm

Location: FinTech Breakout room at CFCC Union Station

Topic: The Blockchain Revolution

Speakers: Girard Newkirk, Founder and CEO KWHCoin; Breven Warren, Senior Manager, Partner Experience, Singular DTV

Moderator: Charlie Fink, Futurist, Forbes Consulting Columnist

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We are thrilled about the recent developments and growth in KWHCoin as we come closer to the fruition of our mission to enable energy access for off-grid households and eradicate energy poverty.

KWHCoin is currently being traded on TOPBTC, IDEX, Coinexmarket and and is on the edges of the developing the internet of energy for more than 500 million off-grid households globally.

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