To All Members of the KWHCoin community,

We announced earlier this month that based on the rapid development of the ecosystem, partnerships and technology integrations the KWHCoin platform has placed outpaced the initial roadmap expectations.

Due to the rapid growth and development of the KWHCoin ecosystem and green economy a token swap is being proposed in order to accommodate the new technology integrations and data footprint.


  • We are sending this announcement to token holders and community members to ensure that ALL tokens are not on EXCHANGES and are securely stored in wallets*
  • The KWHCoin support team will be available for questions, concern, and feedback in our social media platforms throughout the process ensure clear communication lines.
  • The KWHCoin team wants to ensure that all existing and new token holders have adequate time to secure their KWHCoin tokens to their digital wallets so we will update tomorrow (and initiate a Countdown to Swap) on exchange timing and suspension of trading so that the swap process remains secure and efficient.

Why a token swap?

Due to the rapid growth and development of the KWHCoin ecosystem and green economy a token swap is being proposed. This is necessary in order to accommodate the wealth of new energy partnerships, technology integrations, token application for third party applications (this includes Nurse in Hand application deployment), and tremendous growth of the ecosystem. The KWHCoin is the medium of exchange and unit of account for all of these projects and more tokens are necessary for integration to support the explosive growth.

What is the proposed token swap?

26:1 Token swap for KWHCoin token holders

Why the token swap now?

Based on the rapid growth of our ecosystem, partnerships, energy projects and technology integrations the KWHCoin green economy is ready to deploy months ahead of schedule and initial roadmap plans. Projects are ready to launch and integrate with the KWHCoin token immediately. This will make KWHCoin one of the few cryptocurrency projects with an active economy based on the deployment of the token.

Stay tuned to our social media platforms for more information on the Nurse In Hand project deployment, community announcements on the token swap, new exchange listings and more exciting partnership developments.

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Stay Tuned

We are thrilled about the recent developments and growth in KWHCoin as we come closer to the fruition of our mission to enable energy access for off-grid households and eradicate energy poverty.

KWHCoin is currently being traded on TOPBTC, IDEX, Coinexmarket and and is on the edges of the developing the internet of energy for more than 500 million off-grid households globally.

Visit us at for more information on our dynamic blockchain energy company and contact us directly at

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