November was a month of expansion for KWHCoin as the blockchain company launched CryptoRoad and developed a blockchain course curriculum for Cape Fear Community College.

To the KWHCoin Community,

The KWHCoin team is excited to update the community on the growth of the ecosystem and global network that is providing innovative solutions for the over 500 million off-grid households around the world. The KWHCoin platform has now positioned itself to become a smart grid exporter generating tremendous value for the community and token holders, simultaneously executing its mission to connect 1.2 billion to renewable energy access.

“This shows that we’re building an entire ecosystem that consists of renewable energy solutions, technology, education, blockchain development services, community outreach and partnerships with government and local business leaders. We have developed a flourishing ecosystem of partners that now gives us the ability to become a global smart grid exporter and build our local community while promoting blockchain development,” says KWHCoin Chief Operating Officer Monica Shepard.

Here is the community update on the latest developments, exchanges, application, ecosystem and new partnerships.

Education Partnership with Cape Fear Community College

KWHCoin is excited to announce its Blockchain and Cryptocurrency course being offered at Cape Fear Community College is ready for registration.

The KWHCoin Blockchain and Cryptocurrency course being offered as part of a partnership with Cape Fear Community College is open and ready for registration.KWHCoin Blockchain Course Ready For Registration at Cape Fear Community College
KWHCoin is excited to announce its Blockchain and Cryptocurrency course being offered at Cape Fear Community College is…

Cucalorus Film Festival

KWHCoin CEO Girard Newkirk presenting the renewable energy platform at the Fintech session during the Cucalorus Film Festival hosted at Cape Fear Community College.

KWHCoin was invited to participate in the Cucalorus Film Festival held in Wilmington, North Carolina. CEO Girard Newkirk, was panelist at the Fintech session at Cucalorus Connect and the team also participated in the 10X10 Startup Challenge.

KWHCoin team members on stage at the Cucalorus 10X10 Startup Challenge.

The KWHCoin film “The Future is Now” received tremendous accolades and the team expanded its influence to film and other social impact based technology companies in the region.

Here is the film…

Backstage meeting with technology companies at the Cucalorus Connect Conference held on the campus of Cape Fear Community College.

Smart Grid Exporter

KWHCoin is positioning its platform to be a leading company in exporting its smart grid solutions to the over 500 million off-grid households globally. The company has also found a need to deploy its energy solutions locally engaging large utilities to offer smart metering and energy tracking solutions.

Hurricane Florence devastated parts of eastern North Carolina and energy usage disparities have caused significant hardship to families in flood impact zones. KWHCoin is using its energy blockchain to offer energy tracking solutions to assist customers with verifying proper billing processes.

“We want to be a global smart grid technology platform and we established CryptoRoad to support the enormous tools, resources and technology development necessary to achieve this. You can see that with our education partners, local business and government engagement, expansion of our blockchain energy services profile and our ecosystem expansion that our circular green economy is forming and will have great impact for all members of the ecosystem,” says KWHCoin CEO Girard Newkirk.

KWHCoin in Raleigh, North Carolina meeting with United States Trade Commission officials and business partners from Sierra Leone and Kenya on how KWHCoin can promote its smart grid platform and energy solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates in Part 2 of our community update.

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Stay Tuned

We are thrilled about the recent developments and growth in KWHCoin as we come closer to the fruition of our mission to enable energy access for off-grid households and eradicate energy poverty.

KWHCoin is currently being traded on TOPBTC, IDEX, Coinexmarket and and our newest listing Airswap.

We focus on the edges of the grid, where the people reside, developing the internet of energy for more than 500 million off-grid households globally.

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