KWHCoin is offering an Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency course at Cape Fear Community College. Students will be able to look at ways blockchain technology is useful in areas of finance, fraud prevention, energy tracking, and sustainable infrastructure development.

To the KWHCoin Community,

The KWHCoin team is thrilled to share with our community and token holders the latest on our development and company growth. We have expanded our token models to now include reward programs for renewable energy generation, energy data integration and sustainable infrastructure development. In our last update, we discussed the strategy to advance KWHCoin as a smart grid exporter and we will elaborate on that later.

Here is the community update on the latest partnerships, exchange listings, educational models and advancements in token model developments.

Blockchain Education

KWHCoin’s Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency course begins on the North Campus of Cape Fear Community College on January 22, 2019.

The course is part of the continuing education curriculum at Cape Fear Community College and the KWHCoin team is in the process of developing partnerships throughout the state to expand the platform.

Here is a link from our partners at Cape Fear Community College from their Twitter page. The course code is below and registration is open until January 21, 2019.

KWHCoin and Cape Fear Community College are also searching for instructors to teach the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency course being held at the North Campus location of Cape Fear Community College.KWHCoin Searching for Blockchain Instructor for College Course this Spring Semester
Are you a Blockchain/Cryptocurrency aficinado an interested in teaching courses?

Electric Cooperatives and Green Energy Token Models

KWHCoin has developed an innovative business model partnering local electric cooperatives to design reward programs for renewable energy generation. The KWHCoin strategy is to empower the over 2.5 million electric cooperative customers in North Carolina to have a token model to reward energy generation, energy efficiency and sustainable behaviors.

“Working with the cooperatives gives us the ability to offer our rewards system, energy tracking and bolster energy efficiency within cooperatives. This is a perfect example of applying blockchain technology as a management and decentralized solution to reduce energy poverty while incentivizing more solar deployment to the grid,” says COO Monica Shepard.

This model allows KWHCoin to develop a presence in domestic markets (local electric cooperatives) and brings value to the community because of the volume of energy data the KWHCoin blockchain will now manage.

Here is a link to the article outlining the program and we will present our formal cooperative partners during our next community update.KWHCoin Launches Energy Token Reward System Empowering 2.5
The need for energy efficiency and reward programs is particularly acute for low- and moderate-income households in…

KWHCoin “The Future is Now” Short Film

KWHCoin was invited to participate in the Cucalorus Film Festival held in Wilmington, North Carolina. The KWHCoin film “The Future is Now” has received tremendous accolades the last few weeks so we wanted to post it here for your viewing and to share.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of our Community Update.

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KWHCoin is currently being traded on TOPBTC, IDEX, Coinexmarket and and our newest listing Airswap.

We focus on the edges of the grid, where the people reside, developing the internet of energy for more than 500 million off-grid households globally.

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